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  • Reduce Your Company's Relocation Spending

How to Reduce Your Company’s Relocation Spending

Your Content Goes Here How to Reduce Your Company’s Relocation Spending Many HR professionals throughout the years have asked how hiring InterLink can cut their companies’ relocation costs. Boy, do we have answers…good ones. For example, consider the many hours of manpower that you and your staff spend managing each relocation. Running your program in-house costs considerably more than outsourcing to a Relocation Management Company; the time and salary saved on outsourcing all of the activities involved in transferring employees allows you and your team the freedom to take care of the rest of

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Recommended Benefits For Your Employee Relocation Packages

Your Content Goes Here Recommended Benefits For Your Employee Relocation Packages Home Why InterLink Relocation A-Z Clients Resources Contact Login Anyone who has ever created – and followed through on – an Employee Relocation package can speak at great length as to how complex and expensive they can become, depending on varying factors (like the employee’s level, the distance of the relocation, and the destination). There are a lot of moving parts to choose from, too, when it comes to benefits. Below are what InterLink’s Relocation Consultants cited as good faith “must-haves” for

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Preparing Your Home For An Inspection When Relocating

Your Content Goes Here How to Reduce Your Company’s Relocation Spending To say that 2020 has been a strange year for companies around the world is, at this point, just about the biggest understatement imaginable. Regardless of how large or small a company is, chances are extremely high that their business models have changed to some degree. Consider the results of a recent survey from e-commerce payment company FAST, which revealed some very interesting information about what U.S. employees: 35% of American workers said they are considering relocating to a new town or city

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  • The Right Relocation Team

Selecting the Right Relocation Team for your Company

Your Content Goes Here Selecting right relocation team for your company If an organization relocates less than 100 employees annually, there is typically an individual in the Human Resources department that is tasked with handling the administration of all relocation benefits/services.  A challenge for this HR professional, on top of it comprising only a small fraction of their overall job responsibilities, is a lack of time, expertise, and supply chain.  Many will look to outsource this work and seek to partner with a Relocation Management Company (RMC) that is responsible for managing relocations

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  • Key Relocation Risks

Key Relocation Risks

Your Content Goes Here Key relocation Risks Evolutionary change is currently taking place in Human resources and the Global Mobility/Relocation industry.  We are all having to adjust to the ever-changing needs affecting mobile talent.  Managing risk, which has always been a critical component of the process, is a multi-faceted challenge as it pertains to relocation and global mobility. Even in these difficult economic times, companies continue to relocate employees and support global assignments.   If these key areas are not handled correctly, a great deal of damage can be done to the business, personnel,

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