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Providing effective financial solutions is vital to successful domestic relocation and global mobility program administration. By outsourcing the tactical aspects of a relocation and global mobility programs, our clients can concentrate on the more strategic elements that help them achieve their business objectives.
InterLink has the expertise and technology for domestic and global expense management which includes accurate expense processing, tracking, and reporting of your data. The suite of financial services offered includes expert review and auditing, multiple funding options, cost estimating tools, and compensation accumulation.
Whether you are sending your employees across the country or the world, knowing you have a trusted partner with the right expertise is more important than ever. InterLink is the conduit for running a successful mobility program.

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Visibility, tracking and reporting your data is key – let us show you.


Take a behind the scenes look into how the InterLink team develops the right solution to help companies overcome their challenges and obstacles. Including Topic Papers, Blogs, and Industry Articles.


Our team is heavily involved in industry organizations and events keeping our fingers on the pulse of new ideas, innovation, business trends, legislation change and other critical information in the industry

Topic Papers

Leading Corporate Mobility Professionals, Industry Partners and the InterLink Team key topics that are impacting companies today in the Mobility space.


Take a behind the scenes look into how the InterLink team develops the right solution to help companies overcome their challenges and obstacles. Including Topic Papers, Blogs, and Industry Articles.

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InterLink is truly invested in our success. The outcome has been an excellent alignment between the company’s needs and those relocating. We are happy to be part of the InterLink ‘family’. More importantly, so our employee
Multinational Cement and Energy company employing over 12,000 with more than 220 locations
I like everyone I work with at InterLink – personally and professionally. They are good people with good intentions who show their appreciation for our business, every week, and every day. We help each other.
Domestic non-clinical Dentistry in 17 states with over 200 locations
My first meeting with InterLink convinced me there was something better, and we made the switch to InterLink. InterLink proactively considers our needs to provide solutions and maximize results for us, and most importantly, our employees.
Industrial and Consumer manufacturer of recycled paper products
Our company was faced with changing relocation vendors due to the poor customer service level. When reviewing Interlink’s proposal and touring their site, I was impressed. However, I still had concerns about their size as it relates to managing national and global projects. Erroneously, I thought a relocation company had to be a well-known, to handle national and expatriation relocations. After two years into our contract, Interlink’s performance has exceeded my expectation. • Their service is cost competitive • Their customer service levels are highly responsive • They provide recommendations and guidance based on market trends • They customized relocation plans to meet our business strategies • Most importantly, they handle the entire relocation process in a seamless fashion.
Multinational Conglomerate, operating in 34 countries with more than 120,000 employees
One of the best aspects about InterLink is that they accommodate our specific needs. Once they understand what’s involved, InterLink develops the best solutions for the company AND the employees, minimizing stress for everyone.
Advanced Engineering company providing state-of-the-art solutions in Defense, Federal, Global, Cyber and Intelligence