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Who we are

InterLink’s foundations are rooted in the philosophy that our employees are our biggest asset. It is through our team’s expertise and commitment to our clients that we have solidified our place within the industry. Without our employees’ professionalism, enthusiasm, and focus on excellence, InterLink could not exist. We love what we do, our vision, passion, and focus— generate proven success. The team at InterLink delivers the resources, technology, and talent necessary to address our clients’ relocation and global mobility needs.

Our Mission

InterLink recognizes the pivotal role that relocation and global mobility plays in talent management, retention, business growth, and the long-term sustainability of an organization. InterLink partners with our clients to provide a smooth transition to any new location, while maximizing the designated budget.

InterLink’s core mission is to grow and maintain lifelong client relationships by providing an outstanding relocation or global mobility experience. As a team we deliver on our commitments and strive to identify opportunities to bring added value to every exchange. We value our clients and their employees and make every effort to ensure their relocation or global mobility experience reflects positively on your company.

InterLink is uniquely positioned to support our clients in their relocation and global mobility needs by utilizing a dependable network of service partners that share our passion for exceptional service. Our commitment to excellence reflects in our prompt expense reimbursement, seamless service across our partner network, simplified pricing breakdown, and full transparency.

Our Commitment

Whether we are discussing real-time visibility to every aspect of relocation and global mobility, prompt expense reimbursement, seamless end-to-end service across our service partner network, or simplified pricing with 100% transparency, our focal point always begins with our commitment to excellence to our clients and their employees. We love what we do, and our vision, passion, and focus generate proven success. The team at InterLink delivers the resources, technology, and talent necessary to address our clients’ relocation and global mobility needs.

InterLink’s vision centers around four key objectives:
  • Provide System Controls
  • Improve Employee Experience
  • Contain and Reduce Cost
  • Increase Efficiency

Our People – Our Culture

InterLink’s culture provides an inclusive environment and enjoyable work experience.

At InterLink we encourage innovation and engagement at every level of the operations process. Support, collaboration, and problem solving are at the core of our team values, which translates into our client experience.

The complexities of relocation and global mobility support require a personal touch, compassion, and understanding. To this end we expect our employees to possess a polished level of care.


As a debt-free relocation and global mobility company, InterLink offers financial strength, stability, and security, combined with agility, customer relations, and a sustainability commitment. Our environmental practices include, but are not limited to:

  • Non-hazardous waste and recycling programs.
  • Distribution of company communications by digital means, paperless whenever possible.
  • Remote work force.

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