Following in the footsteps of my mom who started the company in 1989 Interlink Relocation Resources believes our employees have always been our biggest asset.

Mission, Core Values and Culture

InterLink Relocation Resources recognizes the pivotal role that relocation plays in talent management, retention, business growth, and the long-term sustainability of an organization. As an important component of the on-boarding process, InterLink partners with our clients to provide a smooth transition to the new location, while maximizing the designated budget.

Mission Statement

InterLink’s mission is to grow and maintain lifelong Client relationships by providing an outstanding relocation experience. We will always deliver on our commitments and strive to bring added value at every opportunity. We value and honor your Employee and will make every effort to ensure their experience will reflect positively on your Corporation.

InterLink is uniquely positioned to support our clients’ efforts of getting the right people in the right place wherever their journey may take them. InterLink utilizes a fully vetted, dependable network of top-line Service Partners that share our passion for exceptional service delivery and performance. We manage the care of transferees with Senior Consultants who are seasoned and subject matter experts in domestic and international relocations and assignments. Without our employees’ professionalism, enthusiasm, and commitment to excellence, InterLink could not exist…they are our mobility navigational guides.

Our company’s vision and focus centers around four key objectives:

  • Gain better control

  • Improve Employee Experience

  • Containing and Reducing Cost

  • Increase Efficiency

Whether we are discussing real-time visibility to every aspect of relocation, prompt expense reimbursement, seamless end-to-end service across our Service Partner network, or simplified pricing with 100% transparency, our focal point always begins with our commitment to excellence to our clients and their employees. We love what we do, and our vision, passion, and focus generate proven success. The team at InterLink delivers the resources, technology, and talent necessary to address our Clients’ Mobility needs.

Our People – Our Culture

InterLink has developed a culture that provides employees an inclusive work environment and an enjoyable work experience. InterLink’s culture encourages innovation and engagement at every level of our operations. We support each other, collaborate, and problem-solve as a team, both in-house as well as with each Client and transferee.

Based on the personal nature of providing relocation support, we expect our employees to possess these principles and demonstrate them with ease. Our service delivery expectations of every team member include:

  • Empathic – Listening and understanding concerns and are invested in solving problems while providing a great experience
  • Honesty – Always position yourself on the side of truth
  • Integrity – Conduct your service to others in good moral character
  • Transparency – Never fear sharing things other companies would try to hide
  • Dependability – Others are relying on you to do your best
  • Commitment – Follow through on everything in front of, and behind you
  • Accuracy – Your work is like a name tag; make sure it is correct
  • Passion – Share your experience with those you encounter
  • Consistency – Perfect your practice and practice perfection
  • Respect – Immensely important to be respectful to our Clients, Transferees, and each other
  • Dedication – Always remember your company is here for you; let our clients and their employees know the same
  • Fun and Friendly – Never underestimate the importance of delivering friendly customer service while having fun. InterLink is a dog-friendly workplace in our Roswell, GA headquarters


As a debt-free Relocation Management Company, InterLink offers financial strength, stability, and security, combined with agility, customer intimacy, and a sustainability commitment. Our environmental practices include, but are not limited to:

  • Non-hazardous waste and recycling programs
  • Minimizing marketing printing and redirecting distribution of company communications by electronic means and use of paper reduction efforts
  • Remote Working: Flex programs and home offices are options for many InterLink Relocation Resources employees
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Take a behind the scenes look into how the InterLink team develops the right solution to help companies overcome their challenges and obstacles. Including Topic Papers, Blogs, and Industry Articles.


Our team is heavily involved in industry organizations and events keeping our fingers on the pulse of new ideas, innovation, business trends, legislation change and other critical information in the industry

Topic Papers

Leading Corporate Mobility Professionals, Industry Partners and the InterLink Team key topics that are impacting companies today in the Mobility space.


Take a behind the scenes look into how the InterLink team develops the right solution to help companies overcome their challenges and obstacles. Including Topic Papers, Blogs, and Industry Articles.

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InterLink is truly invested in our success. The outcome has been an excellent alignment between the company’s needs and those relocating. We are happy to be part of the InterLink ‘family’. More importantly, so our employee
Multinational Cement and Energy company employing over 12,000 with more than 220 locations
I like everyone I work with at InterLink – personally and professionally. They are good people with good intentions who show their appreciation for our business, every week, and every day. We help each other.
Domestic non-clinical Dentistry in 17 states with over 200 locations
My first meeting with InterLink convinced me there was something better, and we made the switch to InterLink. InterLink proactively considers our needs to provide solutions and maximize results for us, and most importantly, our employees.
Industrial and Consumer manufacturer of recycled paper products
Our company was faced with changing relocation vendors due to the poor customer service level. When reviewing Interlink’s proposal and touring their site, I was impressed. However, I still had concerns about their size as it relates to managing national and global projects. Erroneously, I thought a relocation company had to be a well-known, to handle national and expatriation relocations. After two years into our contract, Interlink’s performance has exceeded my expectation. • Their service is cost competitive • Their customer service levels are highly responsive • They provide recommendations and guidance based on market trends • They customized relocation plans to meet our business strategies • Most importantly, they handle the entire relocation process in a seamless fashion.
Multinational Conglomerate, operating in 34 countries with more than 120,000 employees
One of the best aspects about InterLink is that they accommodate our specific needs. Once they understand what’s involved, InterLink develops the best solutions for the company AND the employees, minimizing stress for everyone.
Advanced Engineering company providing state-of-the-art solutions in Defense, Federal, Global, Cyber and Intelligence