Group Moves

A smooth transition for your employees, whether during a corporate relocation or a small regional move.

Group Moves – Customized Solutions for Group Moves of Any Size

Planning is the single most important aspect to ensure a smooth relocation for your employees with the least amount of disruption and stress. InterLink provides assistance throughout all phases of move management planning and execution. InterLink offers extensive experience in planning and executing relocation activities for group moves, mergers, and acquisitions.

Attention to detail and clear communications is of utmost importance to provide a positive experience, whatever the complexity of the move. Services offered include cost projections, expense control benefits, and cost of living analyses.

We have a customizable approach and attention to detail to provide your internal stakeholders and employees with a level of comfort. InterLink’s Group Move Services can be tailored to large headquarters relocations or small division relocations, depending on the needs of the Client and their transferring population.

With our strategic management and internal expertise, InterLink increases the level of control and reduces costs.

A cost analysis will be performed on the origin and destination locations, and a policy specific to the group move will be developed. The group move policy, or policies, will help you to achieve your target acceptance and budget goals. Depending on the new location compared to the old, a COLA (cost of living allowance) may be appropriate – again depending on your budgeted projections.

Minimize the anxiety that surrounds relocation by helping them get to know the area

Presentations on the new location, including local real estate, are key for the employees’ consideration of the move. General area, commuting and school information will be provided by local experts. Within the Client’s budget constraints, area tours may be provided for the employee and partner. These are particularly helpful in allowing the employees the opportunity to view their specific housing and community interests first-hand. This helps to minimize the anxiety regarding the relocation.

On-site assistance from InterLink at a new location makes the transition easier

Having on-site assistance from InterLink as well as local representation from the new location has proven to be of tremendous assistance in calming the fears of the transferring employee and family. If needed, InterLink can also provide facility relocation in tandem with the group move. Our abilities to relocate your corporate or division office includes numerous tasks including furniture, computers, and phones. InterLink will monitor all program costs to provide comprehensive reporting.

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