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InterLink offers comprehensive solutions for moving your US workforce

Committed to enhancing the Client and transferee experience while optimizing efficiency and cost-effectiveness, InterLink employs a Client-centric approach that leverages decades of relocation expertise. We excel in coordinating services, delivering benefits, managing expenses, providing comprehensive reporting, and administering tax gross-up with precision and dedication.

Through a streamlined end-to-end program and policy consulting, InterLink aims to develop market-based and compliant relocation programs that give companies a competitive edge.

Streamlining the Process of Moving US Employees

We offer comprehensive turn-key solutions that prioritize delivering exceptional client and transferee experiences, while also emphasizing cost reduction and process improvement, catering to businesses of all sizes

A Client-Centric Approach: When you engage with InterLink, our relocation expertise, coordination of services, expense management, cost savings, reporting, and tax gross-up administration will be done with a Client-centric approach.

A single point of accountability, who delivers streamlined end-to-end relocation program benefits and technology tools for expense management and reporting. Commencing with an understanding of our Clients’ relocation program goals, their policy and past practices are reviewed and updated to develop a market-based and compliant relocation program gaining a competitive edge.

Providing Our Clients with Experience and Market-Based Guidance

US Relocation Policy Expertise

  • Continuously consulting, collaborating, providing education opportunities, and utilizing benchmarking for policy refinement based on the competitive landscape, changes in market conditions, or laws potentially impacting the relocation process.
  • Incorporating mobility trends and specific analyses as the foundation for policy development.
  • Customizing program administration to Client-specific requirements and timing through the detailed implementation process.
  • Annual review of the Client policies versus the industry by striving to understand each Client’s culture, history, and practices when it comes to mobility policies.

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Program Assistance Throughout Every Stage of Your Relocation Process

Click below and discover further details regarding our solutions that assist you and your employees with their relocation within the United States.

Home Sale Program Types

One of the biggest challenges a homeowner must face when relocating is the sale of their home

InterLink’s expertise in relocation home sale program administration ensures that your employees experience seamless and tax compliant home sale.

Without relocation-focused marketing assistance, a home could remain on the market longer than anticipated, creating downstream challenges such as extended temporary living, additional return trips, inability to make a purchase decision, etc. creating uncertainity.

Delays place the transferee in a holding pattern until they can qualify for a new home mortgage. Home sale delays contribute to relocation failures and increased exception requests.

Read More About Our Home Sale Management
  • Buyer Value Option (BVO) - Tax Protected
    The BVO program is the most widely used relocation home sale program. The employee lists, markets and finds a buyer for their home. InterLink, on behalf of the employer, purchases the home at that “buyer value”, providing tax benefits to both the employee and the company. Read More +
  • Guaranteed Buyout Option/Amended Value (GBO/AV) - Tax Protected
    A GBO/AV home sale program provides an employee with a safety net offer when the employee has been unable to secure a better offer on their home within the desired timeframe. However, if an offer is received before the home has been acquired by InterLink, on behalf of the employer, the GBO offer can be “amended” with the value to match the offer from the buyer. Read More +
  • Direct Reimbursement (Taxable)
    The most straightforward home sale program, the relocating employee lists, markets and closes on the sale of their home, and the company reimburses for standard and customary closing costs associated with the sale. This reimbursement is viewed as a taxable benefit in the United States, which is an added tax burden for both the employee and the company. Read More +
Optimize Your Home Sale Program Management for Countless Benefits to Your Company and Transferring Employees

Elevate Transferee & Employer Experience: Harness cutting-edge technology to enhance the process, with survey results as a Supplier Performance Metric.

Improve Data & Access to Reporting: Achieve faster cycle times, reduce costly errors, and access to reliable data and reporting 24/7 with InterLink’s cloud-based technology platform.

Flexible Communication Channels and Approach: Strike a better balance between client policies and transferee needs through adaptable program design and diverse communication channels.

Consultant Expertise and Accessibility: Enjoy the convenience of a single point of accountability and coordination, supported by knowledgeable consultants and team.

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