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InterLink provides a seamless workflow from the cost estimate to the coordination of relocation services, payment of benefits, expense processing, payroll tax calculations and data, reconciliation, and reporting.

Expert expense management, ability to make payments in multiple currencies, and gross-up calculations all work together to deliver the reporting necessary for efficient and compliant program administration.

Accurate invoicing saves valuable time. GlobalLink® provides an innovative and secure system to record, track and monitor relocations and assignments- it makes reporting and invoicing seamless.

Pivotal to successful domestic relocation program management

Expense Management

We have the necessary expertise to review, audit, and process transferee reimbursements, policy benefit payments, and direct bill supplier payments.

Transferees submit expenses for reimbursement using our intuitive GlobalLink® platform or via our mobile application called Voyager Assistant. GlobalLink® is a centralized data repository so that all information is housed in one secure cloud-based platform.

Employing a per transferee consolidated invoicing strategy to further relieve client workload. We help clients stay focused on what is important.

Steps in our invoicing process include:

  1. Audit. Audit employee expenses to ensure compliance with the policy. Audit supplier invoices to ensure adherence to authorized benefits, contract terms, and appropriate services & fees.InterLink has a 3-step auditing process, including auditing employee expenses to ensure compliance with the policy and authorization. Audit supplier invoices to ensure adherence to authorized benefits, contract terms, and appropriate services & fees. Audit data and coding to ensure accurate invoicing
  2. Process. Process payments via secure banking preferences. Weekly disbursement to the transferee, no waiting for client funding required. Payment via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) in multiple currencies and bank accounts are available.
  3. Report. Track expenses with accurate and timely reporting. Partner with payroll(s) and tax partners to provide reporting. Regular reviews for cost budgeting and analysis, and  trends.

Time-sensitive payments need to require expenses such as home sale equity, van line, tax services, and employee/vendor reimbursements. We combine the speed of automation with our expertise to offer reliable and efficient payment processing services.

Understanding of the financial impact with a cost projection is an important step for domestic relocation.Making relocation easy – it’s what we do. By way of efficient and intuitive technology and our expertise, Companies have accurate data for establishing budgets.

Domestic Relocation for U.S. & Canada

  • Policy-driven tool to calculator the cost projection
  • Estimate tool for U.S. or Canada relocations
  • Includes updated rate data for housing, travel, household goods shipping, policy payments, and tax gross-up calcul/span>

Lump-Sum Calculator for U.S. and Canada

  • Empowers employees to manage the move
  • Easy to use and relieves the burden of processing reimbursements
  • Combines millions of current statistical records and is policy-driven

GlobalLink® allows for the gross-up calculations of all taxable relocation expenses paid to the transferee or on their behalf.

Gross-up calculation methods vary, and our in-house expertise ensures the company-selected methodology is applied to all payments. By maintaining our gross-up engine with the latest tax law changes, companies save time and money with built-in accurate tax calculations for 90+ countries including state and local taxing authorities. Proper tax treatment is key to managing a compliant program.


At year-end, Relocation Tax Reports (RTR) are provided to either the domestic relocating employees or payroll department for distribution. The RTR will assist the transferees in understanding the relocation-related payments have been paid to them or on their behalf and the employer-provided tax assistance (gross-up). For US relocations, this document should be used to complete Form 3903, which is a part of the US Income Tax Return.

Relocating within the same country can reveal the material regional cost of living differences. A COLA allows an employee to soft-land into a higher cost of living experience and are typically provided over a specific term, in reducing amounts. InterLink consults with clients to develop a cost of living policy and qualifying criteria.

Working with data service providers that are industry leaders, InterLink aids in customizing the indexes to reflect Client policies. InterLink’s attention to detail approach including embracing our own data, results in avoiding excessive payments.

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