Candidate Travel & Expense Management

Achieving a positive candidate experience is the start of a successful hiring process.

Candidate Travel & Expense Management
How do you handle expenses when dealing with an interviewee?

InterLink is your solution for streamlining the travel expense process for job candidates attending onsite interviews. In a highly competitive labor market, it is crucial to simplify the journey for candidates, especially when they may face challenges covering significant expenses like hotel and airfare.

Traditionally, candidates have been responsible for making their own travel arrangements, often relying on recruiter recommendations for hotels. After completing the trip, they would then submit a reimbursement request through Accounts Payable, requiring them to front the costs and endure a waiting period for reimbursement. This approach can be particularly burdensome for individuals with limited credit or financial resources.

Focus on the candidate, we’ll handle the expenses

At InterLink, we offer a game-changing alternative. By outsourcing travel arrangements and expense reimbursements to us, job candidates gain a dedicated point of contact and access to experts who can address their questions and concerns. Employers benefit from having a trusted third-party to handle non-approved candidate expenses, allowing their recruitment team to focus on their core responsibilities.

One of our top priorities is ensuring candidates are promptly reimbursed. We understand that a lengthy reimbursement process can cause financial hardships, and we believe no one should have to wait weeks or months to be compensated for their expenses.

With the advancements in technology and available resources today, there is no need for companies to cling to antiquated processes. The best candidates are out there, but they have numerous options. By partnering with InterLink, you can enhance your company’s appeal and become the clear choice for top talent.

Simplify the travel process, prioritize candidate satisfaction, and streamline your recruitment efforts with InterLink. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can support your company’s success.

This program is an added feature to our Full-Service Relocation Management Services.

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