Relocation Affinity Program

InterLink Relocation Affinity Program adds a no-cost benefit to your employee rewards program.

Your Employees Can Earn Cash Rewards

The InterLink Relocation Affinity Program is a no-cost program benefit available to your entire employee population that provides professional assistance when they are moving locally or long distance within the United States.

This employee affinity program grants access to leading real estate agents, national mortgage lenders, temporary accommodations, and household goods transportation. It also enables home sellers and buyers to earn cash rewards.

No cost to your company or your employees – only benefits!

There is no cost to the company or employee to participate in the InterLink Relocation Affinity Program, and it is a way to boost a company’s Total Rewards Program.

  1. An experienced Relocation Consultant will perform a thorough needs assessment with your employee and assist throughout the process.
  2. Based on the personal assessment, the Relocation Consultant will place referrals with InterLink’s appropriate partners for providing the specific needed benefits.
  3. InterLink’s preferred partners will be available for your general employee population through our InterLink Relocation Affinity Program. In the event of either selling or purchasing a home, we will offer choices of members of our qualified real estate network.
  4. Participants in the InterLink Relocation Affinity Program will receive a cash-back reward* based on the sales or purchase price.

*Note that such programs are supported by the Department of Justice; however, there are a few states that prohibit or require the reward to be paid as a closing credit or in the form of a reduced real estate commission.

InterLink also offers moving services and temporary housing with our trusted service partners
  • Competitive discounts, improved availability during peak season, and no-obligation estimates
  • Our national mortgage lenders provide pre-qualification assessment and competitive interest rates to your employees
  • We can offer numerous options for temporary living accommodations, from hotels for short-term to corporate apartments, at our discounted rates.


Moving is personal. Selling or purchasing a home is personal.

With InterLink’s friendly personalized assistance, the process goes from stressful to successful.
Relocation Doesn’t Have to Be Stressful

Relocation is complex and stressful, but it doesn’t have to be! Reach out and we’ll be in touch to schedule a 15 min, no-obligation conversation to hear more about your company relocation needs.

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