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InterLink offers a full suite of services for companies who consider international assignments and moves an integral part of their talent development strategy and to accelerate their global business. When they come to us, they can expect expertise and professionalism with an uncompromising dedication to providing an exceptional experience.

Human Resource and Global Mobility leaders rely on us for on-demand problem-solving knowledge and experience. Our team plays an important supporting role for the business leaders who ultimately have the responsibility for balancing benefits, costs, risk, legal, and tax compliance with an eye to the business objectives in an ever-changing world.

InterLink has answered the continued demands for mobility programs by delivering

  • Greater flexibility
  • Less bureaucracy
  • Streamlined processes
  • Increased use of technology
  • Focus on data security and compliance
We provide expertise and effective solutions that align talent development and business objectives
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Top three most common assignment categories

Involves employees relocating to a foreign country for an extended period, typically one to five years or more depending on the country.

Commonly used for establishing a stronger presence in a foreign market, managing a subsidiary, or developing long-term client relationships.

Employees on long-term assignments often integrate more deeply with the host country’s culture and lifestyle.

Commonly lasts from 3 months to 12 months (18 months at most).

Designed to address specific project needs, provide training, or offer temporary support.

Employees return to their home country after completing the assignment.

Permanent transfers involve relocating an employee across a border to have local employment status and no expectation of returning to the home country.

Can be either intra-company transfers within the same organization or external moves to a different employer.

Repatriation refers to the process of bringing back employees to their home country after completing an international assignment.

We create successful mobility programs that help produce policies and procedures based on each client’s needs, goals and objectives

Counseling and Consulting -International Assignment Management

InterLink leverages its expertise and experience on a daily basis to assist organizations in developing comprehensive global mobility programs, policies, and procedures. Our approach enables us to build customized solutions from the ground up, tailored to meet the diverse and evolving needs of your employee population effectively.

Transferee Counseling

We provide an experienced global mobility consultant for the duration of your employees’ assignment. This allows each employee to have a dedicated communication channel to assist in navigating the transition to their new country and role. Some of the services we consult your people on include:

  • Temporary Living
  • Departure/Home Sale Assistance
  • Property Management
  • Household Goods shipment(s)
  • Home Finding and Final Move Travel
  • Destination / Settling-In Assistance
  • Immigration / Visa Assistance
  • Global Tax Briefings and Services
  • Long-term Household Goods Storage
  • Intercultural Training
  • Language Training


Client Counseling

InterLink streamlines the planning process with a single point of coordination. InterLink provides a dedicated point of contact with our highly trained mobility consultants. Critical services for clients include:

  • Compensation Accumulation Services
  • Certificates of Coverage and Tracking
  • Cost Projection and Expense Management
  • Shadow Payroll, Payroll Instructions, and Reconciliations
  • GlobalLink® Expense Reimbursement
  • Client Portal Dashboard Customization

International Long-Term Assignment Life Cycle

InterLink provides our Clients with exactly what they need to deploy employees on international assignments. This involves much more than the coordination of relocation-related services; we understand that for our Clients, mobility is a strategic priority, no matter the number of assignees or the size of the organization. Below are the typical stages of an international long-term assignment.

  • Goal: Policy Determination determined by business need of role
  • Strategic, Operational, Developmental
  • Policy Determination: Short-term Assignment, Long-term Assignment, Commuter Assignment, Permanent Transfer
  • Tax Assistance: Cost projections with tax, budget and key stakeholders identified

  • Objective: Recruitment & Candidate Assessment
  • Immigration Assessment based on qualifying criteria
  • Expense Management: Compensation Package, COLA, Tax Treatment
  • Tax Assistance: Candidate specific cost projection with tax equalization

  • Objective: Policy consulting with assignee and family
  • Immigration consulting and application assistance
  • Relocation Services Engaged such as shipment of household goods, propee or management, travel, etc. based in individual needs
  • Tax Assistance: Origin Country Tax Briefing

  • Objective: Temporary Living, Home Finding, School Finding
  • Destination Services: Settling-in Assistance, Spouse/Partner Assistance, Language Training, Cultural Training, Rental Agentance
  • Expense Management: Expense Processing, Employee Payment, Employee Reimbursements, Tracking and Reporting
  • Tax Assistance: Host Country Tax Briefing

  • Objective: Tenancy Management Services, Payments Annual Leave Travel
  • Compensation Accumulation: Shadow Payroll, Payroll Reporting, Tax Reporting, Reconciliation
  • Expense Management: Expense Process and Reimbursements
  • Tax Assistance: Tax Prep Services

  • Objective: Departure Services, Home Finding, Household Goods Shipments
  • Relocation Services Engaged: Return Trip Travel, Vehicle Disposal, Miscellaneous Expense Allowance, Final Move Travel
  • Immigration, Departure Notifications
  • Tax Assistance: Tax Briefing, Tax Prep Services

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The Implications of Social Security for International Assignments

International assignments must not overlook the significant impact of social security obligations to avoid issues with employer contributions and compensation. Addressing these obligations carefully is essential for a smooth and compliant assignment experience for employers and employees.

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