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Effective financial solutions are vital to successful domestic relocation and global mobility program administration

Whether you are sending your employees across the country or the world, knowing you have a trusted partner with the right expertise is more important than ever. InterLink is the conduit for running a successful mobility program.

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Financial peace of mind – your relocation policy is in good hands.

Outsourcing financial aspects allows your business to focus on business objectives. By outsourcing the tactical aspects of relocation and global mobility programs, our clients can concentrate on the more strategic elements that help them achieve their business objectives.

InterLink has the expertise and technology for domestic and global expense management which includes accurate expense processing, tracking, and reporting of your data.

We offer a full suite of financial services including expert review and auditing, multiple funding options, cost-estimating tools, and compensation accumulation.

financial services for global mobility programs

US Domestic Financial Solutions

Expense management is central to a successful domestic relocation program.
This includes having the necessary expertise to review, audit, and process transferee reimbursements, policy benefit payments, and direct bill supplier payments. Employing a consolidated invoicing strategy to further relieve client workload. Expenses and reimbursements are handled easily with our intuitive GlobalLink® platform.

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International And Relocation-Financial Solutions

InterLink offers complete financial services for global mobility programs.

We provide payment processing and cost reporting for all of your international assignments, including expatriation or repatriation. Our technology platform provides a centralized hub that handles vendor, assignee or transferee, and expatriate payments in foreign currencies and languages.

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