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Relocation administration is approached in multiple ways: formal policies, guidelines, and job offers with specific relocation benefits. InterLink establishes policy design and program administration that suits your needs. We provide comprehensive relocation programs, including home sale and household goods management. Our policy consulting service is based on decades of industry experience, client culture, and market standards.

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We Offer Fully Outsourced Relocation Programs

InterLink does the heavy lifting—so you don’t have to. InterLink’s proven success rate and effective service delivery model reduces the stress of relocation, whilst promoting an outstanding experience. As an extension of your organization’s team, we utilize our expertise to engage where and when you need us.

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Home Sale Program Management

InterLink provides managed stand-alone home sale programs.

We offer home marketing assistance, Buyer Value Option (BVO), Guaranteed Buyout Option/Amended Value (GBO/AV), and direct reimbursement program administration.

Our clients count on us to monitor and adhere to all compliance guidelines, ensuring tax benefits are in proper order.

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Move Management Services

Moving your household goods and autos is simplified with our move management process.

InterLink utilizes our trusted supply chain to provide end-to-end move management of these personal items. By monitoring assignments, authorizations, shipment oversight, expense review, payment processing, and reporting—InterLink carries the burden so you don’t have to. In addition, you can rest assure that any potential claims are managed and monitored through our customer service resolution team.

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11 Key Elements for a Structured Home Sale Assistance Program

Discover how structured homesale programs can revolutionize the approach home selling. These innovative solutions not only offer substantial tax savings for your company but also provide your valued employees with unparalleled financial benefits and peace of mind throughout this transformative journey.

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Relocation Doesn’t Have to Be Stressful

Relocation is complex and stressful, but it doesn’t have to be! Reach out and we’ll be in touch to schedule a 15 min, no-obligation conversation to hear more about your company relocation needs.


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Whether your current policies are outdated, or you’ve never established them at all, ineffective relocation practices can have a negative impact on your business. Interlink guides you to capture cost savings and improve employee experiences, helping you attract and retain talent.

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