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author Ginger Merrick
Eco-Friendly Corporate Relocation

In an era where environmental consciousness is paramount, businesses increasingly recognize the importance of integrating sustainability into every facet of their operations. Corporate relocation, often marked by the movement of employees and office assets, is no exception. At InterLink Relocation Resources, we believe in leading the way toward eco-friendly moving practices, making corporate relocation seamless and environmentally responsible. Join us as we explore the landscape of eco-friendly and sustainable corporate moves and discover how InterLink Relocation is pioneering the shift toward a greener future.

The Environmental Impact of Corporate Relocation

Corporate relocation can have a significant environmental footprint, from packing materials to transportation methods. Understanding and mitigating these impacts are crucial steps toward sustainable business practices. We have broken down each step to help clarify the role of a relocation service and how it can benefit your company.

    •  Green Packing Materials

Traditional moving materials, such as cardboard boxes and bubble wrap, contribute to excessive waste. At InterLink, we emphasize using eco-friendly packing materials, such as recycled cardboard and biodegradable packing peanuts. These choices not only reduce waste but also promote a circular economy.

    • Eco-Friendly Transportation

The mode of transportation used during a corporate move plays a pivotal role in its environmental impact. Opting for fuel-efficient vehicles, consolidating shipments, and exploring alternative transportation methods are vital strategies for minimizing the carbon footprint. InterLink Relocation Resources is committed to using sustainable household goods supplier partners that promote greener moving processes.

    • International Shipments

For international moves, consider the environmental impact of air versus sea freight. InterLink suggests evaluating the necessity of each method to reduce household goods shipping emissions significantly.

    • Green Packaging Solutions

Our partnerships with eco-friendly suppliers ensure that personal and office belongings are securely packed with minimal environmental impact. From reusable crates to biodegradable packing peanuts, we provide options aligned with your company’s commitment to sustainability.

    • Personal Travel Planning

Encourage virtual visits for initial property viewings to reduce transportation-related emissions. By working with the real estate agent to arrange virtual visits before in-person viewings, new home buyers can narrow down options and significantly reduce transportation carbon emissions.

    • Donation and Recycling Programs

InterLink facilitates donation and recycling programs, reducing waste and supporting local communities. This commitment to circular economy principles reduces move costs by 3 to 4 percent while lowering carbon emissions.

    • Employee Community Impact

Encourage employees to positively impact the community by donating to local food banks and Goodwill and finding qualified local recyclers for electronics. This not only supports communities but also helps conserve national resources.

Sustainability is a Best Practice

At InterLink Relocation Resources, corporate relocation best practices can motivate positive change in the world. Prioritizing sustainability enhances business reputation and contributes to a healthier planet. Our commitment to eco-friendly moving practices is reflected in every aspect of our services, from green packaging solutions to carbon-neutral transportation. Join us on the journey towards a greener future, where corporate relocation becomes a beacon of sustainability. Let InterLink be your partner in sustainable corporate relocation – because moving forward should also mean moving responsibly.

Why Choose Us?

Unlock your competitive edge in today’s dynamic job market with InterLink, your trusted partner in full-service domestic and international Employee Relocation Management. Backed by decades of industry expertise, we tailor our program administration to align seamlessly with your unique company culture and the highest market standards. Elevate your talent acquisition strategy by ensuring the right talent is in the right location precisely when needed. Let InterLink be your strategic advantage in navigating the complexities of relocation benefits. Get started on optimizing your workforce today.

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