The Transformative Impact of AI – The Future of HR

author Ginger Merrick

InterLink Relocation recently took part as one of the sponsors for the HR Live! networking event held on February 21st, which turned out to be a resounding success. Nearly 100 HR leaders congregated to explore the transformative impact of Artificial Intelligence on HR, led by Neil Jensen, VP of HCM Product Strategy at Workday. In this high-energy event, attendees gained valuable insights into the future of HR and how to navigate the evolving landscape.

Keynote Highlights: Navigating the AI Revolution:

Neil Jensen shared a compelling vision of the future, focusing on key shifts in business, operational, and talent agility. HR leaders were encouraged to redefine how work gets done, adopting new technologies (Gen AI) and priorities. The overarching theme emphasized the need for innovation, a rapid adoption mindset, and automation to keep pace with the evolving HR landscape.

Key Findings from Neil Jensen’s Presentation:

The Big Shift – Business, Operational, and Talent Agility:

  • Adapting to new technologies and priorities is crucial for HR’s success.

Redefine How Work Gets Done:

  • Embrace a fresh perspective on HR tasks and processes in the age of Gen AI.


  • Pilot new technologies quickly and adopt a fail-fast mindset.

Automate the Foundation:

  • With fewer HR resources, increased automation is necessary for core operations.

Focus on Data:

  • Acknowledge that more employee data leads to a more effective HR function.

Empower Managers:

  • Recognize the role of managers in amplifying or extinguishing talent, requiring more support.

Incorporate the Extended Workforce:

  • HR should manage both employees and non-employees efficiently.

Flex Talent:

  • Address talent scarcity by focusing on skills and talent development.

Foster Transparency:

  • Trust and ethical standards are essential in deploying AI and ML in HR.

Generative AI Strengths:

  • Highlighted the capabilities of Generative AI in search, summarization, prediction, and content creation.

Harnessing the Power of Workday AI:

Neil Jensen shed light on how Workday‘s AI can address inefficiencies, time wastage, and boost profitability. Notable statistics revealed:

  • 44% of employees feel inefficient during the day.
  • 43% of time each week is spent finding documents, pulling data, and completing paperwork.
  • Organizations optimizing operations experience 2.2x greater shareholder return over three years.
  • 71% of organizations prioritize workforce analytics, but only 13% leverage data effectively.

Gen AI is set to reshape more jobs than it eliminates.


The HR Live! event was a testament to the ever-changing HR landscape, and Neil Jensen’s insights provided a roadmap for HR leaders to harness the power of AI effectively. InterLink Relocation is proud to have sponsored an event that not only highlighted the challenges but also presented tangible solutions for HR professionals. As we reflect on this successful event, we look forward to future gatherings that continue to push the boundaries of HR innovation. Stay tuned for more transformative events hosted by InterLink Relocation, where knowledge meets opportunity!

Upcoming HR Live! events are:

  • May 14th – Braves vs. Cubs Game – 5:30 pm Truist Park
  • September 19th – Evening Social at Up on the Roof in Alpharetta, GA
  • November – Community Service Project – Date and details TBD

HR Live! is an invitation-only group where we strive to provide a platform for like-minded HR professionals to connect, engage in meaningful discussions, and stay at the forefront of the dynamic HR landscape. I’m genuinely excited about the prospect of having you join us for this insightful event. Should you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to reach out to Beverly Bell at

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